The Mediterranean
within everyone's reach.

L&S partnered with local collectivities and governments in a European-backed effort to enhance accessibility to museums and fortifications around the Mediterranean Sea.

The ForAccess project, standing for sustainable accessibility and joint management of the defensive fortifications, involves four regions bordering the Mediterranean: Tuscany, Liguria, Sardinia and Corsica.

These areas are characterized by a wide variety of cultural heritage related to the art of defense: coastal towers, strongholds, forts and castles.

Mediterranean Sea

Awareness of the cultural, environmental and socio-economic value of these assets has led governments to commit themselves to developing this rich defensive heritage in the Mediterranean and ensure accessibility and enjoyment for all.

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ForAccess for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad allows visitors to discover fortifications of the European project in an innovative way, thanks to several audio guides, videos and descriptions available in English, French, Italian and Corsican.

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